About Sue McCarthy, Resale Queen

Sue McCarthy is the spark that ignited the wildfire success, and has been largely responsible for its current level of notoriety within the national designer resale community. McCarthy is passionate about fashion and has built her business, The Vault Luxury Resale, on a foundation of hard work, integrity, and exceptional customer service.

Sue served as a board member for NARTS (National Association of Resale Professionals, is the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award, and is recognized by the SBA as an expert in the field of resale—often traveling the country consulting new or current business owners who are looking for strategies to improve their business practices.

An outspoken advocate of entrepreneurialism and women-owned businesses, McCarthy has been and continues to be, a role model for others—including her own daughters who have chosen to follow in her footsteps. Additionally, she believes that with business success comes a level of social responsibility, and actively embraces the philosophy of “paying it forward” by contributing to a variety of charitable organizations.

Sue has taken her years of hardships, experience, and triumphs to write Good, Better, Best. A must read rags to riches story for all women entrepreneurs learning how to rise to success and self-fulfillment, and how Sue achieved it all. 

Learn more about the Sue McCarthy's book, Good, Better, Best. Read her interview with Alive Magazine.

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